Venue Creation Resources will work with you in all phases:

LOOK – Our creative design professionals will work on your event or facility to design a “look” that will enhance your Brand, incorporate your sponsors, create visually stimulating focal points and keep you within your budget.

  • Design, Graphics
  • Fencing, Flags, Banners, Painted Graphics
  • Directional Signage
  • Structure Covers, Props

SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT – Blending sponsor impressions into the venue look is our specialty. Our team will listen, make recommendations, and facilitate a polished plan.

  • Branding, Signage Style

EVENT MANAGEMENT – Let us assess and manage your event needs…permits to parking, vendors to volunteers, ticketing to transportation, and everything in between. We can take care of the details.

  • Design, Build, and Manage essential Event Requirements

ON SITE MANAGEMENT – Planning is important, getting it done is essential. We are experts at maneuvering in and around lots of moving parts. Timelines and budgets are always front of mind.

  • Supervision, Installation, Load-in/out schedules


Our Goal is to serve as a Resource in developing a Venue which Creates a brilliant impression.

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